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Why are there asterisks beside some lines in .zsh_history

January 04, 2017


10101  cd
10102  cat .zsh_history
10103* cd Dropbox/imac
10104* ls
10105* ls -la
10106* cat .zsh_history
10107* cat .zsh_history ~/.zsh_history
10108* cat .zsh_history ~/.zsh_history | sort -nr
10109* cat .zsh_history ~/.zsh_history | LC_ALL=C sort -nr
10110* vi ~/.zsh_history
10111* cat .zsh_history ~/.zsh_history
10112* cat .zsh_history ~/.zsh_history | sort
10113* cat .zsh_history ~/.zsh_history | LC_ALL=C sort
10114  pwd
10115  cat Dropbox/imac/.zsh_history

What’s with the asterisk on some lines?

Turns out it means the line has being modified from the manual here it says


This variable, when set to ‘on’, causes Readline to display an asterisk (‘*’) at the start of history lines which have been modified. This variable is ‘off’ by default.

Written by David Kerwick who lives and works Dublin as a Java Technical Lead.